Weekly News Bulletin: Aug. 15-21, 2002


Anheuser-Busch Releases 2001 Environmental Report

Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD) has released its 2001 Environmental, Health and Safety report, detailing Anheuser-Busch's safety and environmental programs. The EHS report, available on www.abenvironment.com, describes Anheuser- Busch's progress in environmental, health, and safety performance for its brewing, packaging, entertainment, and brewing-related operations. According to the report, Anheuser-Busch remains the world's largest recycler of aluminum cans, recycling more than 125 percent of the aluminum cans it ships domestically. The company also recycles 97 percent of all its solid waste generated, more than 4.5 billion pounds of material each year...Read More »



Committee Considers Plans For Old San Diego Landfill

A new committee is studying concerns that the old Mission Bay Landfill in San Diego continues to leak toxins into the area's waters. In 1952, the city of San Diego opened the landfill located on the southeast shore of Mission Bay. Dumping was not regulated and the trash buried there was potentially toxic. The committee, made up of citizens, scientists, and government officials, is devising a plan of action, and hopes to take samples before the end of the year...Read More »



New Wastecare Receptacle Proves Popular

WasteCare Corporation's latest release of the "Smart-Pack" Automatic Compacting Receptacle has proven popular with the Quick Service industry, malls, schools and other facilities where the general public discards their own trash into receptacles. The Smart-Pack holds the equivalent of about 250 - 300 gallons of loose trash, or roughly ten to fifteen times the amount of trash as traditional trash receptacles. The Smart-Packs are available with an Air Filtration & Sanitizer System, which allows stored trash to remain in the Smart-Pack for up to one week without having to be emptied...Read More »



IRS Disallows Allied Waste Loss; Company Disputes Charge

Allied Waste Industries Inc. (NYSE: AW) was notified in the second quarter that the Internal Revenue Service disallowed a capital loss included in the July 30, 1999, tax return of its subsidiary BFI Waste Systems (Nasdaq: WSIIQ) of North America Inc. The company said it estimates that it could owe additional federal and state income tax of up to $310 million and accrued interest through June 30, of about $35 million, according to its quarterly report. The IRS also notified the company that it was assessing a penalty of between 20% and 40% of the additional income tax resulting from the disallowance. Allied Waste said it continues to believe its position is well supported and it will "vigorously contest" the disallowance...Read More »



SEC Files Suit Against Environmental Solutions Worldwide

Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc. (OTCBB: ESWW) has been advised by the Securities and Exchange Commission that the SEC has filed a civil suit against the company, its chairman Bengt Odner, and others purportedly associated both directly and or indirectly with the company. While the company has not been formerly served, it has reviewed the allegations in the suit which allege violations of certain anti-fraud, securities registration, periodic reporting, record keeping, beneficial ownership reporting, false statements to auditors and stock touting disclosure provisions of federal securities laws from 1998 through 2000. The complaint seeks injunctive relief against the company and all defendants, as well as civil penalties against certain individuals...Read More »



Met-Pro Announces Two Leachate Treatment Contracts

Met-Pro Corporation (NYSE: MPR) has received an order in excess of $1.1 million for a leachate treatment system to be installed at a major solid waste processing facility in the northeastern United States. The equipment is expected to be installed before the end of this fiscal year. The Met-Pro leachate treatment system utilizes a combination of physical/chemical and biological treatment processes to treat the leachate. Each system incorporates an advanced submerged fixed film biological process. This order follows another $1.1 million order announced just last week for six Duall Division degasification systems for a city in the southeastern United States. Met-Pro did not disclose either purchaser...Read More »



Envirogen Gets Notification of Potential Delisting

Envirogen Inc. (Nasdaq: ENVG) has received Nasdaq notification that its shares do not meet the $1 minimum bid price for continued SmallCap Market listing. The environmental systems and services company said it needs to be in compliance by Jan. 27. After that time period, Nasdaq will determine if Envirogen meets the initial listing criteria for a further 180-calendar-day grace period or it may notify the company of delisting actions subject to appeal. Shares of Envirogen closed Tuesday at 86 cents a share. The company hit a 52- week low of 70 cents a share on July 25. In fiscal 2001, Envirogen posted a loss of $485,639, or 12 cents a share, on revenue of $20.4 million...Read More »


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