Weekly News Bulletin: Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2001


Journal Article: WTC Collapse Could Have Long-term Health Effects

An article released this week in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that the collapse of the World Trade Centers may have serious long term environmental health effects on those in harms way, including children, office workers, rescuers and residents. The article, "Environmental Aftermath," reviews the potential environmental health impact of over a million tons of steel, dust and debris collapsing in Manhattan. The analysis cites asbestos, lead and PCBs present in the dust created by the Twin Towers collapse as among the most potentially serious lingering exposures to the community, including rescue workers, office workers and the more than 20,000 residents, including 3,000 children, who live within half a mile of Ground Zero. Over 5,000 tons of asbestos had been sprayed onto the first forty floors of one of the towers before it was banned in new construction in New York in 1970. Asbestos fibers have been found in air readings taken since the tragedy, although exact levels are in dispute. It was also common practice in building construction at the time to use lead-containing paint to rust-proof steel beams. Moderately high levels of lead have been found in air readings following the disaster...Read More »



Clean Harbors Establishes Strategic Alliance With Modec

Clean Harbors, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLHB) of Braintree, Mass., has established a strategic alliance with Modec, Inc. Denver-based Modec is licensed to commercialize the formulation developed by Sandia National Laboratories to decontaminate anthrax and other biological agents. In response to a national initiative to combat domestic chemical and biological warfare threats, in 1997 Sandia National Laboratories launched a program to develop effective decontamination technology. The program was funded by the Department of Energy¹s National Nuclear Security Administration through its Chemical and Biological National Security Program. The resulting formulation can be deployed as a foam, liquid spray or fog. Since the first confirmed reports of anthrax, Clean Harbors Environmental Services has decontaminated a number of private and governmental facilities...Read More »



Scotts Agrees to Fine, Cleanup for Ohio Waste Issues

Columbus-based Scotts Company, a national lawn and garden products company, has agreed to pay a $250,000 fine and clean up polluted landfills, lagoons and creeks at its central Ohio manufacturing complex. Scotts agreed to the terms in a consent order filed in Union County Common Pleas Court by the Ohio attorney general. The order was the result of years of negotiations between Scotts, and the attorney general and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The state claimed that DDT and other chemicals buried in landfills on the 173-acre complex, about 30 miles northwest of Columbus, had leaked into a creek that feeds into the Scioto River, a source of drinking water for Columbus. The state said it found no evidence of contamination in Columbus¹ water supply...Read More »



Senate Confirms Nelson for EPA Information Position

The U. S. Senate has confirmed Kimberly Terese Nelson as EPA Assistant Administrator for Environmental Information. President Bush nominated Nelson on Sept. 21. She will be the Agency¹s Chief Information Officer with responsibility for management of information technology operations, its security and reliability, and information collection, analysis and dissemination, including the annual Toxics Release Inventory. Nelson¹s previous positions were in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, most recently as Executive Deputy Secretary and, prior to that, as Chief Information Officer...Read More »



Brown University Settles EPA Hazardous Waste Complaint

Brown University agreed Tuesday to pay $365,000 to settle a complaint that it failed to properly store hazardous waste on campus and committed other environmental violations. The agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency includes a civil penalty of nearly $80,000. Brown has more than 300 laboratories, studios and other work sites that use materials requiring special handling and disposal. The complaint filed last year says the university violated laws governing handling of hazardous waste and protecting water from oil pollution dating to 1996. The EPA stepped up enforcement on campuses in 1999 and has taken action against the University of New Hampshire, the University of Rhode Island, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts¹ Amherst campus...Read More »



EPA Introduces Online Allowance Transfer System for Emissions Trading

EPA has announced the latest innovation in air emissions trading, the Online Allowance Transfer System. This time-saving online system will enable participants in the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide markets to record trades directly on the Internet instead of submitting paper forms to EPA for processing. A trading unit is called an Oallowance,¹ and is equivalent to one ton of air emissions. EPA¹s tracking systems, which currently hold allowances with a combined value over $20 billion, record official SO2 and NOx allowance transfers under existing emission cap and trade programs. Anyone anywhere in the world can participate in the market, and hundreds of companies, brokers and individuals are already engaged in trading. EPA officials hope the online system will streamline and accelerate emission trading, saving industry and government time and money...Read More »



Bioshield Technologies, Inc. Strikes Strategic Partnerships

BioShield Technologies, Inc. of Atlanta (OTC Bulletin Board: BTSI) is part of a joint WTC cleanup project with the following companies: TRIDIM Filter Corporation ($65 million private company leader in the filtration industry); Pinnacle Environmental Corporation (specializing in asbestos and lead abatement services); Annabec Corporation (suppliers of Biochek 500T, BioShield¹s technology); and Ondeo Nalco (one of BioShield¹s global distributors). BioShield and these four leaders in their fields, are working together to eliminate the problems created in and around buildings that were affected as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center...Read More »



Atg Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

ATG Inc. of Hayward, Calif. (Nasdaq:ATGC), a provider of low-level radioactive and low-level mixed waste treatment services, announced that it has filed for protection and reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. "We believe that our waste processing technologies and the market are basically sound. However, we were forced to seek protection under the court because of unexpected freezing of our cash accounts by our primary lender," said Doreen Chiu, President & CEO. "The waste processing facilities that the company operated have been safely secured. The facilities are under a strict stabilization program and the customers¹ waste is safeguarded."...Read More »



Allied Waste Completes Sale of $750 Million in Notes

Allied Waste Industries, Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) announced that it has completed a private placement of $750 million in 8.5% senior notes due in 2008. The $750 million represents an increase from the firm¹s original offering of $500 million in notes. "We are pleased that the debt markets confirmed their support for Allied Waste through the favorable response to our bond offering,'" said Thomas W. Ryan, Allied Waste¹s executive Vice President and CFO. "The ability to upsize the transaction by 50% at an attractive long term rate contributes to our objective of optimizing the amount of bank debt in our capital structure," he added...Read More »


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