Partnership to Develop Canada's First Waste-to-Energy with Carbon Capture

Date: June 11, 2024

Source: Canada Growth Fund

The Canada Growth Fund has granted a carbon price backstop contract to Gibson Energy Inc., a Calgary-based company planning to implement carbon capture and storage technology in a new waste-to-energy facility. A carbon price backstop is essentially a safety net for companies involved in areas with cap and trade markets. It ensures that a company won't face losses if the price of carbon falls below a profitable level. This facility, the first of its kind in Canada, aims to convert landfill waste into clean electricity while capturing and storing the greenhouse gasses produced during the process. The carbon capture system functions by trapping the emissions before they can enter the atmosphere, thus mitigating the environmental impact.

The proposed facility, located on Gibson's land in the Heartland area, will divert 200,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually from Edmonton's landfill, incinerating it to generate electricity. By utilizing this innovative technology, Gibson Energy Inc. aims to reduce landfill waste and produce clean energy, contributing to a more sustainable future. RNG production will likely be a key component of worldwide sustainability efforts, and projects like this one are building a clear blueprint for other firms to follow down the line.

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