Nopetro Renewables Beginning Construction on South Florida's First Landfill Gas to Renewable Gas Facility

Date: April 5, 2024

Source: Nopetro Renewables

Nopetro Renewables has begun construction of Southern Florida's first landfill gas to renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Indian River County, named the Vero Beach Nopetro Eco District. This $40 million facility in Vero Beach is projected to produce an initial 3 million gallons of RNG annually, while preventing 30,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the emissions from 4,300 passenger cars. Expected to be completed in early 2025, the project represents the largest investment in the county in the past three years and will create over 40 local jobs through its construction and operation. Jorge Herrera, CEO of Nopetro Energy, highlighted the facility's role in transforming waste into a valuable energy resource and contributing to sustainable solutions in Florida and North America.

In May of 2023 Nopetro teamed up with middle-market investment firm NOVA Infrastructure to create a renewable energy platform focused on renewable natural gas and biofuels called Nopetro Renewables.

The Vero Beach Nopetro Eco District will refine landfill gas, generated from organic waste decay, into RNG, a clean alternative fuel for buses and trucks, thereby improving air quality for the community. It is estimated that the plant could supply up to 80% of the natural gas used in Indian River County annually, reducing the demand for fossil-based natural gas. Nopetro Renewables, in partnership with Mead & Hunt, aims to deliver a project that merges economic and environmental benefits, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gasses and ensuring safety. Additionally, Nopetro operates 15 renewable gas fueling facilities across Florida, with plans for expansion, and currently fuels the entire transit system in Central Florida through a partnership with the Central Florida Transit Authority, using 100% renewable natural gas feedstock. This expansion in the RNG capacity of Southern Florida will have a major positive impact on the drive towards renewable energy and will help divert organics from legacy landfills.

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