Republic Services Opens California's First Solar Powered Composting Facility

Date: October 6, 2021

Source: Republic Services, Inc.

On October 6th, Republic Services announced that it has opened California's first fully solar powered composting facility. This facility, located in Chula Vista, CA, will compost food and yard waste collected from the San Diego area. This facility opening comes just a few months before a California state law that will require most homes and businesses to recycle organic waste comes into effect.

The facility is entirely powered by solar energy, which it uses to run the process of composting, which breaks down organic waste into other products that can be recycled into the economy for a variety of uses. The facility will be able to process 100 tons of material per day. Facilities of this type will be key in meeting climate goals for both California and the US in general, as both solar energy and composting help reduce our greenhouse gas impact.

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