New York City Issues RFPs for its Commercial Collection Zones

Date: November 24, 2020

Source: NYC Dept. of Sanitation (DSNY)

New York City is beginning its transition to commercial waste collection zones as it issued this week request for proposals (RFP) to private waste haulers who want to do business within the city's five boroughs. While the city has argued the program will create a safer and more efficient system by decreasing the number of trucks on the streets, private industry has argued that companies already operated efficiently per good busniss practice and that the new system will hurt competition and especially smaller haulers. The program was authorized by legislation which New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed in November 2019 but later delayed implementing due to the effects of COVID-19. In February, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) published a final rule designating 20 zones for commercial waste collection. Accordingly, DSNY will select up to three haulers to provide service to customers within each zone, as well as up to five haulers to provide containerized collection service citywide.

Map of New York City's 20 Commercial Waste Collection Zones

The commercial waste zones program is the result of more than five years of analysis, stakeholder engagement and planning at the DSNY. The department plans to follow the RFP process with a multiyear customer transition process that includes outreach and education for area businesses.

Details found here: commercial-waste-zones-plan.

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