Big Data Could Help Reduce Food Waste

Date: August 24, 2016

Source: News Room

Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech Global Inc., thinks that big data could tackle food waste. Each year, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food waste is created globally. In the United States alone, approximately 34 million tons of food is delivered to landfills, which accounts for more than 35% of total landfill waste. Food waste in landfills results in methane gases that potentially harm the environment. According to Celli, the best solution is to use big data to reduce waste at the point of sale in the supermarket. Stores could deploy, for example, an on-site eco-friendly aerobic digester equipped with cloud-based data programs that would report on the timing and weight of the food put into them. The stores could use these real-time metrics along with point-of-sale data to develop a sophisticated model to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability with the least food waste possible.

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