CRRA to Invest $12 Million in Solar Array Atop Closed Hartford Landfill

Date: June 7, 2013

Source: News Room

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority is investing $11.6 million to install a six-acre solar panel array on a section of its now closed Hartford landfill. It coincides with plans to cap the remaining 35-acre section of the landfill. Elsewhere in the country, there are more than 70 similar projects on contaminated sites, former landfills or mined areas that create a combined 216 megawatts of clean energy, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Power from the 1 megawatt project in Hartford will receive an 11-cent per kilowatt hour subsidy from Connecticut Light & Power's Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit program which is a clean energy effort mandated by the state.

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