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Orange County Deploys Falcons over its Landfill

Date: February 25, 2013

Source: News Room

Orange County, Calif.'s 6,000 ton-per-day Olinda Alpha Landfill employs a team of falcons and a hawk to chase away scavenging birds, primarily comprised of seagulls and crows. The scavengers often carry waste into surrounding neighborhoods and wilderness areas. Their feces pollutes the air and waterways. However, one falcon working at a time is enough to deter thousands of gulls that would otherwise feast on the landfill's working face. The county began its pilot falconry program last November and currently budgets $150,000 to operate it year-round. Falconry, which is an art that has been practiced since 2,000 BC, is used primarily to keep pest birds away from landfills, farms, urban areas and airport runways. The practice is regulated by state and federal guidelines.

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