Republic Ends Memphis Strike by Teamsters

Date: January 30, 2013

Source: News Room

Republic Services, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) ended an awkward strike in its Memphis, TN market. About 180 of its unionized workers there, represented by the Teamsters Local 984, had walked off the job on Jan. 28 in protest over the company's failure to give them bonus checks. While the move surprised local management, the Local 984 had approved a strike vote back in October 2012, when their current contract expired, protesting "the company company's intent to take away their pension." While they negotiate a new contract, the workers agreed to receive a 1.5% bonus for every accident-free month. On the day after the strike began, a non-striking Republic employee fired a shot into the air near a picket line after feeling threatened. By Jan. 30, Republic General Manager Roger Lawrence said he had received a letter from the Teamsters Local 984 "offering an 'unconditional' return to work." He said the workers are to receive their checks when they return to work. Republic serves more than 200,000 Memphis-area residences and 10,000 businesses.

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