Waste Management Buys Coal Ash Recycler

Date: November 15, 2012

Source: News Room

Waste Management has bought a coal ash recycling company called FlyAsh Direct, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. FlyAsh Direct has developed an environmentally friendly technology to recycle coal combustion residuals (CCRs) into a safe raw material for concrete products, fill material, soil amendments, asphalt and others. It is estimated that in excess of 140 million tons of CCRs are generated in the US every year and that about 40 percent of this material is beneficially reused.

Currently, the US EPA is proposing to regulate CCR's more stringently in the wake of a coal ash spill at a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Kingston, TN in Dec. 2008. EPA in June 2010 proposed to regulate CCRs as either hazardous waste subject to strict disposal controls under RCRA subtitle C or under less-stringent subtitle D solid waste rules, but the agency has not yet issued a final measure. Any regulation that discourages power plants from continuing to rely on coal containment ponds, like the one in Kingston, will increase demand for more responsible disposal and beneficial recycling.

To learn more about FlyAsh Direct, visit: www.flyashdirect.com.

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