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New Jersey Police Bag Cardboard Thieves

Date: July 24, 2012

Source: National Solid Wastes Management Association

New Jersey police, working the New York City Business Integrity Commission, arrested three perpetrators of a large-scale recycling theft operation that netted more than $100,000 by stealing crushed and baled cardboard boxes from Walmart and Sam's Club stores. The high value of cardboard (OCC), which has been over $130 per ton, makes it an attractive target. The gang used spotters to locate cardboard bundles awaiting pickup by contracted haulers and send their own trucks to pick up the bales instead. Since May the operation stole about 900 tons of cardboard worth well over $100,000. Industry officials with the National Solid Wastes Management Association said that its members in New York City are losing $8-10 million per year due to cardboard theft.

July 24, 2012

NSWMA Applauds NYC Efforts to Break Up Large Scale Recycling Theft Ring

  • Investigation Nabs Thieves Who Targeted Large Retail Stores throughout New Jersey, Stealing Valuable Cardboard and Selling it at Transfer Stations in New York and New Jersey

Today, the New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) announced three arrests of the perpetrators of a large-scale recycling theft operation responsible for stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of cardboard from large New Jersey retail sites. Law enforcement officials found thieves orchestrating a cardboard theft ring focusing on Walmarts and Sam's Clubs in New Jersey. With the value of cardboard hovering around $100 per ton, the volume of cardboard generated by these stores made them an attractive target for these thieves. The National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), the association that represents the private-sector solid waste and recycling services industry, applauds these arrests.

Thomas N. Toscano, chair of the NSWMA's New York City chapter and the president of Mr. T Carting Corp. in Glendale, New York, described the importance of this action: "NSWMA is pleased that New York City and New Jersey law enforcement authorities are working together to combat recyclables theft. NSWMA members in New York City are losing $8-10 million per year due to cardboard theft."

Ron Bergamini, CEO of Action Environmental Services (another NSWMA NYC chapter member), added: "The daily theft of cardboard hurts our entire industry, from small family-owned hauling operators to larger firms who lose the revenue, and their customers that feel the loss in greater fees. Today's announcement and the cooperation needed to get here is welcome across our industry, as this is not a victimless crime."

NSWMA's General Counsel David Biderman stated, "NSWMA recently testified at a New York City Council hearing in favor of legislation addressing recyclable theft. Today's announcement highlights the need for this legislation and further enforcement action."

The BIC is both a law enforcement and regulatory agency charged with the oversight of the private carting industry, the businesses operating in New York City's public wholesale markets, and the shipboard gambling industry. The mission of BIC is to eliminate organized crime and other forms of corrupting and criminality from the industries it regulates.

NSWMA - a sub-association of the Environmental Industry Associations - represents for-profit companies in North America that provide solid waste collection, recycling and disposal services, healthcare waste management, or provide professional and consulting services to the waste services industry. NSWMA members conduct business in all 50 states. Visit

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