Plasco Expects to Sign Waste-to-Energy Contract with Ottawa this Month

Date: March 13, 2012

Source: News Room

Plasco Energy is confident that the City of Ottawa, Ont. will soon sign a long-term contract with them to process the city's waste through its advanced waste-to-energy plant. That contract will help the company as it seeks to secure debt financing for constructing the $175-million project after the city's council endorsed the deal last December. Plasco CEO Rod Bryden recently told the Ottawa Citizen that "There are no issues between us and the city, but it is a very detailed contract, and it's been careful work by both the city's inside and outside counsel and our own lawyers." Plasco has operated a commercial demonstration facility for the city since 2006. Under a new agreement would build a much larger scale version of the plant capable of processing 300 tons per day.

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