Sims Opens Electronics Recycling Facility in Dallas

Date: November 30, 2011

Source: Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions (Chicago, IL), a division of Australian-based Sims Metal Management, is opening a 31,584-square-foot electronics recycling facility in Dallas, Texas. Operations at the plant will involve hand-dismantling of electronics, hard drive destruction, baling and asset management. Further processing of electronics will take place at other Sims Recycling Solutions locations, the company said.

November 28, 2011

Sims Recycling Solutions Announces Expansion Into Dallas

Sims Recycling Solutions, the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, announces the opening of its newest electronics recycling facility in Dallas, Texas. Formal operations are scheduled to begin this month. Sims will offer electronics recycling services to residents and businesses throughout Texas, including the Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso markets, ensuring their data is secure, their electronic equipment is processed in an environmentally responsible manner, their reputation is protected and their compliance risks are eliminated.

"Electronic waste is an exponentially growing problem all over the world," says Steve Skurnac, President, Sims Recycling Solutions, Americas. "By bringing our electronics recycling and asset management capabilities to Dallas, we will protect Texas consumers and businesses from the risks associated with electronic waste disposal, minimize freight costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, simplify logistics and bring new green jobs to Texas. We are excited about serving the greater Dallas community."

The new 31,584-square-foot facility will be located on 2134 French Settlement Road, approximately six miles from Dallas and 27 miles from Fort Worth. Sims Recycling Solutions will immediately hire seven employees for the Texas facility, adding more jobs as the amount of materials coming into the facility increases. The services provided at the electronics and computer recycling facility include hand-dismantling of electronics, hard drive destruction, baling and asset management. Further processing of electronics will take place at other Sims Recycling Solutions locations. Between 300 and 400 million electronic items are dumped in the U.S. every year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Dallas facility is the 14th in North America and 50th worldwide operated by Sims, the only global reuse and recycler offering customers self-contained and wholly secure electronic recycling capabilities as part of an unsurpassed international network at the forefront of solving the exponentially growing security and environmental problems created by e-waste.

Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions ( is the world's largest electrical and electronics recovery and recycling company with 50 sites across the globe.

Sims recycles all types of electronic equipment, enabling businesses to meet both their social and legal obligations in the treatment of surplus electronics. The company's asset management and recovery service enables businesses and public sector organizations to sustain the value of IT and electronic equipment, in a legally compliant, data secure, fully traceable and environmentally sustainable manner.

In North America, Sims Recycling Solutions operates 14 sites in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Ontario, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

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