Plasco Negotiates Waste-to-energy Contract with Ottawa; Wins Approval for Plant

Date: October 26, 2011

Source: Plasco Energy Group Inc.

Plasco Energy Group (Ottawa, ON) said that it expects to win upwards of an $8 million per year contract with the city of Ottawa to process the city's waste through its advanced waste-to-energy facility located at the nearby Trail Road landfill. This week the company received certificates of approval (C of A) from Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for its plant which is initially approved for 85 tonnes per day and which will likely be expanded to 100 tonnes per day following a period of operation and environmental performance testing. Ottawa originally approved the facility in June 2008 following the company's successful operation of a demonstration facility that closed this year as originally scheduled by the MOE. In approving the facility, the city signed an agreement of understanding with Plasco for an $8 million annual contract to process as much as 136,000 tons per year of the city's waste (at $60 per tonne) over a 20 to 30 year period.

Three years later, the contract would likely be larger since the city's annual demand for disposal has increased to 190,000 tonnes (currently going to the landfill) and tipping fees there have increased to $96 per tonne.

October 26, 2011

Plasco Receives Certificates of Approval for the Trail Road Conversion Plant

Plasco Energy Group Inc. (Plasco or the company) today announced that Certificates of Approval (C of A) have been issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for operation of the company's waste conversion plant located at Trail Road in Ottawa. The C of A was issued following filing of the final Environmental Screening Report to complete the Environmental Assessment process.

Plasco announced that the Trail Road conversion plant has undergone enhancements to remove bottlenecks and enhance reliability and has now returned to operation. The company said that a commissioning program is now underway. The enhanced plant has approval for a throughput of 85 tonnes per day, and the company expects to request amendments to the C of A to permit throughput of 100 tonnes per day following a period of operation and evidence of environmental performance.

"We are very pleased with the environmental performance of the plant and with its efficiency in recovering net saleable energy from the waste processed. Its approval from the MOE will now permit Plasco to proceed with permanent operation of the Trail Road plant," Plasco CEO, Rod Bryden said. "We are also encouraged that we can proceed with multiple module commercial plants, each of which will of course require environmental assessment satisfactory to regulatory authorities and approval to operate. Response from communities in many parts of the world suggests that the Plasco Conversion System will be a meaningful addition to alternatives available for the environmentally and economically sound management of waste from urban communities."

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