ReVenture Project and Energy Center Scaled Back

Date: May 23, 2011

Source: News Room

Forsite Development, which had been planning a 20-megawatt renewable energy plant as the centerpiece of its "Renewable Energy Eco-Industrial Park," or "ReVenture Park" in Charlotte, NC, now plans to scale back the project by half. "The smaller size, while unfortunate, does have sort of an added benefit that it takes the pressure off the county," said developer Tom McKittrick of Forsite Development. "It will be a smaller project and smaller is easier. It's not where we wanted to end up, but it's where we are." McKittrick told the Charlotte Observer newspaper that he had failed to negotiate an agreement to sell the full electrical output of the plant, blaming legislative uncertainty. Community resistance may have also played a role. Neighbors are resisting landfill expansion to accommodate the park while those living near the proposed plant are objecting to its emissions.

ReVenture originally planned to build a $126 million 20-megawatt waste gasification plant and $30 million recycling facility to process Mecklenburg County's residential waste. The "eco-industrial" park Forsite envisions for a contaminated 667-acre site in northwest Charlotte may later include a solar farm, waste treatment plant and other components.

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