Greenstar Will Market Waste Pro's Recycled Commodities in Atlanta

Date: February 18, 2011

Source: About Waste Pro USA and Greenstar Recycling

Waste Pro USA (Longwood, FL) and Greenstar Recycling (Houston, TX) reached an agreement to pool their collective recycling talents in the Atlanta, GA market. Under the deal, Greenstar will transfer its recycling processing equipment to Waste Pro while Greenstar will take over the marketing of recovered commodities from Waste Pro's Atlanta recycling facility, it recently acquired from Greenstar. "This agreement is a strategic win for both parties," said Matt Delnick, CEO of Greenstar Recycling. "Waste Pro will expand its existing recycling operations in Atlanta, and Greenstar will grow its commodity marketing business, resulting in better economies of scale for both businesses." Waste Pro is rapidly escalating its operations and alliances in the southeast. Earlier this month, the company announced its acquisition of 10 separate waste companies and landfills throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The agreement with Greenstar shows that it has an eye on vertically integrating its operations to maximize performance and efficiencies.


Greenstar Recycling and Waste Pro USA Reach Strategic Agreement

ATLANTA, GA (February 16, 2011) - Greenstar Recycling and Waste Pro USA announced today the completion of a strategic agreement in the Atlanta area. Under the terms of the agreement, Waste Pro will receive recycling processing equipment and Greenstar will provide marketing of recovered commodities from Waste Pro's Atlanta Recycling facility. The agreement also includes Greenstar responsibility for marketing additional Waste Pro recyclable commodities throughout its business footprint in the South.

"This agreement is a strategic win for both parties. Waste Pro will expand its existing recycling operations in Atlanta and Greenstar will grow its commodity marketing business resulting in better economies of scale for both businesses. Waste Pro represents an important customer segment for Greenstar - not only do we work directly with municipalities and businesses, but also through strategic alliances with leading integrated waste management companies like Waste Pro," said Matt Delnick, Greenstar Recycling CEO.

"We are excited about this agreement. I look forward to the continued expansion of our Atlanta recycling processing facilities (American Recycling of Georgia) with such a professional company as Greenstar," commented John Jennings, Waste Pro USA President and CEO. "Waste Pro has invested more than $3 million in our Atlanta processing facility and Greenstar offers top of the market pricing, prompt payment and accurate reporting on our commodity sales," Jennings added.

Greenstar provides material marketing services, also known as commodity trading or brokerage, for small and large volume customers throughout North America. This includes selling recyclables on behalf of Greenstar and other recyclers that have been recovered from the local community, separated and prepared for shipment to end users both domestically and internationally. Greenstar markets and sells its recyclables to the strongest strategic partners to maximize revenue, guarantee consistent and timely movement of material and provide prompt payment.

About Waste Pro USA

Waste Pro USA is one of this country's fastest growing waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal companies. Waste Pro currently serves more than 1.4 million residential and 37,000 commercial customers throughout the South. Waste Pro USA corporate headquarters are in Longwood, Florida with 57 operating locations in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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Greenstar is one of America's recycling leaders providing sustainable recycling solutions in the recycle processing, commodity upgrading, managed services and commodity trading sectors of the solid waste market. Greenstar launched its North American operations in 2007, establishing Houston as its headquarters. Greenstar has grown quickly to become one of the largest recycling companies in America. The company handles two million tons of recyclables per year through a network of 14 processing facilities with over 10,000 managed services locations. Greenstar is backed by NTR plc, a diversified renewable energy and sustainable waste management group.

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About NTR plc

NTR plc, the international renewable energy group, builds and runs green energy and resource-sustaining businesses. Founded in 1978, NTR has evolved from being a developer and operator of infrastructure in Ireland to an international developer and operator of renewable energy (wind, solar and ethanol) and sustainable waste management businesses in the USA and Ireland. The Group employs over 2,000 people.

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