Marion Iowa Plans $104 Million Plasma Waste-to-Energy Plant

Date: December 6, 2010

Source: News Room

Construction of a $100 million plasma waste-to-energy power plant in Marion, Iowa could begin as early as spring, and operating before the end of 2012, according to a report in The Gazette. The City selected Plasma Power LLC (Fort Lauderdale, FL), as a partner in building the plant, which will be designed to burn up to 250 tons per day of solid waste otherwise destined for the nearby Bluestem #2 Landfill, which currently accepts about 600 tons of waste per day. Plasma Power president and CEO Jim Juranitch said that he believes that the plant could generate between 47 and 62 MW of electricity and will cost between $104 million and $172 million to build. According to his calculus, the capital cost of a 47 MW plasma plant would be $2,255 per kW and a 62 MW plant would cost $2,766 per kW. By comparison, electricity from a new wood gasification plant would cost $3,048 per kW. According to Juranitch, a 25 MW plasma renewable energy project being developed by Alliance Federated Energy (AFE) in Milwaukee, WI has a projected cost of $9,000 per kW. The Milwaukee plant, dubbed Project Apollo, was announced Sep. 7 and has an estimated $225 million development cost.

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