Plasma Energy Company InEnTec Wins Wall Street Journal Award

Date: September 27, 2010

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InEnTec LLC (Bend, OR) won first prize in the energy category in the Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Awards for 2010. InEnTec employs a plasma gasification system to produce a synthesis gas (syngas) from municipal and industrial wastes. Syngas can be converted into ethanol, methanol, clean diesel and other transportation fuels. Ash from the process is captured in molten glass, producing an obsidian-like material that is useful in construction materials. Metals are captured separately and recycled. InEnTec was formed in 1995 by researchers who had studied and improved the technology which has been around for more than a decade in a collaborative effort between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest Laboratory. In March, the company formed a joint venture with Waste Management, Inc. called S4 Energy Solutions to build and operate plasma gasification facilities using InEnTec's technology, including a renewable fuel project at the Columbia Ridge Landfill in Arlington, OR.

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See also: "Waste Management and InEnTec Form Plasma Gasification Venture," (


InEnTec Wins The Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award in Energy

  • Judges Highlight the PEM® Gasification Technology, a Proven Way to Convert Variety of Waste Products into Fuels for Transportation and Electricity

InEnTec LLC, a leader in converting waste to clean energy and useful products, today said it is honored to be chosen by The Wall Street Journal as its winner of the 2010 Technology Innovation Award in Energy. The announcement appeared in all editions of The Wall Street Journal on Monday September 27.

The award was given in recognition of InEnTec LLC's proprietary waste gasification system, the Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM®). The PEM can transform municipal (household), commercial, medical, and most industrial and hazardous wastes into clean, renewable syngas that can then be used as a fuel for electricity; to produce transportation fuels such as ethanol, methanol, synthetic diesel, and hydrogen; or to produce valuable chemical products.

"InEnTec is extremely pleased with the recognition our PEM® technology continues to receive in the energy industry and in the business press –last year as part of the Platts Global Energy Awards in Sustainable Technology, and today as winner of The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in Energy," said Karl A. Schoene, President and CEO of InEnTec LLC. "With work on two new PEM facilities underway this year, 2010 is an exciting year for InEnTec."

Founded in 1995, InEnTec is a world leader in waste to energy plasma gasification systems. The company's PEM technology was invented by scientists and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, and InEnTec LLC. This team developed a unique way to combine a DC plasma arc with an AC glass melter to provide an efficient, cost effective and environmentally-sound process for converting waste materials into exceptionally clean synthesis gas (syngas). The technology is protected by 47 patents issued and pending.

InEnTec has most recently provided PEM systems for two facilities: the InEnTec Chemical PEM facility at Dow Corning in Midland, MI (in commissioning and processing waste), and a pilot project in the Pacific Northwest with S4 Energy Solutions (a 50/50 joint venture with Waste Management Inc.).

About InEnTec LLC

Based in Bend, Oregon, InEnTec LLC was formed by scientists and engineers from MIT and Battelle. Through its proprietary gasification system, the Plasma Enhanced Melter™, InEnTec can transform municipal (household), commercial, medical, and most industrial and hazardous wastes into clean renewable syngas that can be used to produce products, such as electric energy, ethanol, methanol and hydrogen, with minimal environmental impact. InEnTec's systems meet all environmental standards and come closer to 100% recycling of waste than any other such commercially available technology. For more information please visit as well as the websites for our joint ventures at and

About InEnTec Chemical LLC

InEnTec® Chemical LLC builds, owns and operates onsite chemical recycling facilities that use a two-stage, plasma arc gasification process called the PEM® (Plasma Enhanced Melter). Headquartered in Fleming Island, Florida, the company is deploying state-of-the-art technology to meet the environmental demands of the modern chemical industry. Our solution allows highly hazardous waste streams to be recycled into useful chemicals and clean syngas, saving chemical companies money while eliminating the risks of waste transportation and disposal. InEnTec Chemical's PEM systems outperform regulatory and environmental standards for environmental safety and come closer to 100% recycling than any other commercially available technology. Extensive testing at pilot scale and commercial facilities have proven the technology to be reliable and highly effective in managing a wide variety of hazardous waste materials. Testing performed using certified laboratories with rigorous standards required by both the U.S. and international government agencies have met or exceeded all environmental requirements.

About S4 Energy Solutions

S4 Energy Solutions is a joint venture between Waste Management, Inc. and InEnTec LLC to develop, operate and market plasma gasification facilities using Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM®) technology. Initially, our projects will process commercial, medical and industrial waste streams to produce a range of renewable fuels and industrial products. Future commercialization plans may include the processing of municipal solid waste, provided our technology proves economical and scalable for such use.

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