US Bureau of Labor Statistics Defines 'Green' Jobs

Date: September 20, 2010

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has decided on a final definition of green jobs that will be used in its data collection beginning Fiscal Year 2011, according to a just published Federal Register notice. Collecting data on green jobs "will be useful for evaluating policy initiatives and labor market impact of economic activity related to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources," BLS said. Green jobs in businesses will include providing electricity, heat or fuel generated from renewable sources such as wind, biomass solar, ocean, landfill gas and municipal solid waste; products and services that improve energy efficiency, including Smart Grid technologies; and greenhouse gas reductions through methods other than renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. BLS also identified, by industry sector, the percentage of establishments that potentially produce green jobs and services. The greatest numbers are in the construction and professional business sectors, with 1.6 million establishments, or 75% of the total. The natural resources sector has 88,700 establishments, or 4.1%. In general, the approach is to designate as green those goods and services that directly benefit the environment or preserve natural resources, the agency said.

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