China is Destination for Majority of World's Recovered Paper

Date: August 17, 2010

Source: RISI, Inc.

China continues to hunger for recyclable materials, including recovered paper for which it accounted for over half (54%) of the worldwide demand last year. That is a substantial increase from 2004 when it accounted for 34% of the global trade in recovered paper. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the US export of recovered paper went to China last year representing just over 13 of its 19 million tons, according to the latest data from RISI, Inc.


Fiber hungry Chinese market increases share of global recovered paper trade: Over two-thirds of recovered paper exported from the USA goes to China

Annual trade data published online by RISI, shows China accounted for 54% of global trade in recovered fiber in 2009, a substantial increase from its 34% share in 2004. The USA exported over two thirds of its recovered paper to China in 2009, just over 13 of its 19 million tonnes. Chinese paper and board mills imported another 17 million tonnes of recovered paper from the rest of the world.

The data, compiled into one convenient time-series database by RISI economists around the globe, shows exports from the major producing countries to sixty-two destination countries for key graphic paper, packaging and pulp & recovered paper grades.

World Bilateral Trade Data supports historical trend analysis to show which producer country is gaining market share in the global trade of pulp and paper products.

"Our Bilateral Trade Tables aggregate customs data worldwide with RISI data to provide the only comprehensive source available of country-to-country trade statistics for the global pulp and paper industry" notes Kurt Schaefer, RISI Vice President of Fiber.

World Bilateral Trade Data contains a world view and regional matrices that help understand pulp and paper trade flows on the macro in addition to the micro level.

Grades covered by World Bilateral Trade Data:

World Pulp & Recovered Paper Bilateral Trade Data: Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (BHK); Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (BSK); Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP); Total Sulfite pulp (SIT); Mechanical pulp (MEC); Recovered Paper.

World Paper Packaging Bilateral Trade Data: Containerboard: Kraft Linerboard; Recycled Linerboard ; Semichemical Corrugating Medium; Recycled Corrugating Medium; Boxboard/cartonboard ; Wrapping papers.

World Graphic Paper Bilateral Trade Data: Coated Woodfree/Freesheet; Uncoated Woodfree/Freesheet; Coated Mechanical; Uncoated Mechanical; Newsprint.

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