Clean Harbors CEO Sells $6.2 Million in Shares as Business Booms

Date: August 12, 2010

Source: News Room

Alan S. McKim, Chairman and CEO of Clean Harbors (Norwell, MA), is cashing in on the recent success of his company whose earnings surged in the second quarter on business related to the Gulf oil cleanup and strong internal growth. Documents filed with the SEC indicate that he sold 100,000 shares at an average price of $62.3 each on Aug. 9, 10, and 11, netting about $6.2 million. The sale decreased his holdings to 2.7 million shares, a 10.1% stake, down from a 10.3% stake. Clean Harbors shares have risen 6.6% over the past six months.

Clean Harbors provides environmental, energy and industrial services, including hazardous-material management and disposal, recycling and treatment, as well as chemical cleaning and material processing. Among its 50,000 clients are government agencies, refineries, chemical plants, and pulp and paper mills. The company has operations worldwide including China and the U.K. Revenue in 2009 was $1.1 billion.

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