Industry Concerned about New York State E-Waste Bill

Date: May 5, 2010

Source: News Room

The New York State Senate has just cleared an electronics waste (e-waste) bill that appears to have industry support, in contrast to their vehement opposition to a New York City e-waste law that is being challenged in US Federal Court. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) spokesperson Jen Bemisderfer said that the industry prefers a state approach over a city approach but that the "legislation needs to be reasonable and share responsibility among various stakeholders." Wording in the state bill is very similar to requirements in most e-waste laws around the country, that collections be "convenient." For example, the state measure would make producers responsible for collecting e-waste "free of cost and in a manner convenient to consumers."

"At a minimum," the state bill says, manufacturers "shall ensure" that all counties and municipalities in the state with populations of 10,000 or more have access to "at least one method of acceptance." But it also gives the state's Department of Environmental Conservation the authority to "establish additional requirements to ensure convenient collection from consumers." Similar language in the city law gave the Sanitation Department power to write the rule on direct collections.

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