City of St. Joseph Partners with KCP&L for Landfill Gas

Date: March 9, 2010

Source: Kansas City Power & Light

KCP&L Partners With the City Of St. Joseph On Landfill Gas-To-Energy (LFG) Project

  • New plant will transform methane gas into a revenue-producing asset for the city

St. Joseph, Mo. (March 9, 2010) - The city of St. Joseph has selected KCP&L to build a methane gas gathering system and construct and operate a power generation facility at the city's 90-acre landfill. As part of a memorandum of understanding, the City of St. Joseph will provide the operations of the methane gas collection system. KCP&L will underwrite the cost of the plant, which will convert the captured methane gas provided by the City of St. Joseph into enough electricity to power nearly 1,000 homes per year annually.

"Green house gases are a worldwide concern. This project will provide the dual benefit of collecting and destroying methane gas and producing revenue to help keep the gate fee at the St. Joseph landfill the lowest in the state. The city is pleased to be working with our local energy provider to develop this project and put clean energy back into the local electric grid," said J. Bruce Woody, P.E., Director of Public Works. "This project will expand the current collection system of twelve wells, and is yet another way that this regional landfill is protecting the environment through its many environmental protection programs."

"We salute the city of St. Joseph for its forward-thinking decision to turn a landfill into a green asset and we look forward to working with them on this project," said Matt Dority, KCP&L North District Manager. "We're delighted to have this opportunity to offer additional renewable electricity generation to our customers in the region. The project supports our commitment to partner with the communities we serve and to supply and deliver electricity and energy solutions that meet our customers' needs and enhance their quality of life. It is one of a number of innovative renewable projects we are looking at as a company over the next several years."

The St. Joseph, Mo. Landfill Gas-to-Energy (LFG) project will include 49 new wells at the existing landfill that condense and collect the methane gas; a blower that cools the gas; a Caterpillar 1.6 MW turbine reciprocating engine / generator that will convert the gas to electricity distributed through KCP&L's grid; and measurement, verification and marketing of greenhouse gas (carbon) credits. KCP&L is working with Burns & McDonnell to design and construct the facility.

Once the final contract is signed, the project is scheduled to take a year to complete. The company expects the new plant to produce power by early 2011.

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