Alabama Landfill Accepting TVA Waste Files Bankruptcy

Date: January 27, 2010

Source: News Room

The owners of an Alabama landfill that is taking millions of tons of coal ash from a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) site in Tennessee, filed bankruptcy, accusing the landfill's operators of withholding money they have already been paid. An attorney for Perry Uniontown Ventures I which owns the 976-acre Arrowhead Landfill near Uniontown, AL said the bankruptcy filing would not affect its operation, "which will continue to operate safely and effectively, without interruption." Phillips & Jordan Inc., and Phill-Con Services operate the landfill under an agency agreement. The owners contend that they have yet to receive nearly $780,000 in disposal fees even though the landfill operators have received millions of dollars from the TVA, forcing them to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Environmental lawyer David A. Ludder, who is preparing a lawsuit against the landfill on behalf of 150 county residents, says the filing is a tactic to automatically stay any new litigation. The landfill opened in July 2006 and is currently under contract to receive 3 million cubic yards of ash from TVA's Kingston, TN site where a spill in December 2008 released 5.4 million cubic yards (1 billion gallons) of coal ash sludge into a nearby river and surrounding land.

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