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Rabobank Launches Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Finance in Americas

Date: July 13, 2009

Source: Rabobank

Rabobank Launches Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Finance in Americas

  • Headed by Thomas Emmons

  • REIF Team Will Fund Renewable Energy Projects, Activities

Rabobank today announced the establishment of a Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Finance (REIF) team in the Americas, and the arrival of Thomas Emmons, Managing Director, as its head. Rabobank's REIF business has teams in Europe, Asia and now in New York, focusing on the Americas region.

Rabobank's REIF business specializes in non- and limited-recourse finance solutions in renewable energy, bio-energy, and energy infrastructure projects. Rabobank's REIF teams are active in financing onshore and offshore wind, solar, biofuels, and biomass.

In the Americas, Rabobank intends to establish relationships with developers, owners and operators of renewable energy generating facilities and technologies. The bank will initially participate in and co-underwrite project financings, and in the future will lead project financing transactions. Rabobank will also look for opportunities to finance the renewable energy activities of its traditional core food and agribusiness client base.

Rabobank is a leading international partner in the renewable energy sector and combines in-depth knowledge and expertise with arranging, underwriting and syndication capabilities. Rabobank offers "one-stop shop" solutions, combining renewable energy and infrastructure finance expertise with commodity derivatives, trade and commodity finance, financial derivatives, M&A, and principal equity investments. Consistent with the mission of Rabobank to further develop sustainable energy supplies and technologies around the world, REIF aims to further expand its position in sustainable energy globally.

Thomas Emmons, who joined Rabobank on July 1, heads the Americas team in New York and reports to Marcel Gerritsen, Rabobank's Global Head of REIF, and to Robert Bucklin, Chief Corporate Banking Officer in North America. From 2003 to June 2009, Emmons worked at HSH Nordbank in New York, where he helped build one of the leading renewable energy finance businesses in the region. Emmons will be joined in Rabobank's new Americas REIF team by Ron Klein, Managing Director, who transfers from the bank's Structured Finance department, and Marcel Veltrop, Vice President, who transfers to New York from the bank's REIF team in Europe.

"Rabobank's agricultural roots and cooperative structure ensure that we are especially aware of the need for sustainable development, and drive our goal of making sustainability an integral part of our business," said Marcel Gerritsen, Global Head of REIF for Rabobank. "We strive to support our customers in operating their business in a sustainable manner by providing know-how and innovative products which create opportunities for them. Our goal overall is to apply our financial services to effectively contribute to the transition from a high-CO2 to a low-CO2 economy and, within the renewable energy sector, to further develop sustainable energy supplies and technologies around the world. Achievements in these areas will yield important benefits in both economic development and a better climate, and Rabobank is committed to this sector even in the current difficult financial market conditions."

About Rabobank

Rabobank ( is a full range global financial services leader providing institutional and retail banking, agricultural and real estate financing, leasing, and asset and investment management services in over 40 countries worldwide. From its century-old roots as a Dutch farmers' cooperative, Rabobank has grown into one of the 25 largest banks in the world based on total assets of over $850 billion, and one of the 20 largest banks based on Tier 1 capital. Rabobank is the premier bank to the global food and agriculture industry, providing specialized products and unparalleled agricultural expertise to clients operating across the entire value chain. Since 1981, Rabobank has held triple A credit ratings from Standard & Poor's (AAA) and Moody's Investors Service (Aaa), and is recognized as one of the safest banks in the world. Rabobank is committed to sustainable and socially responsible banking in all our operations, and is recognized as one of the most sustainable banks worldwide.

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