Norcal Waste Systems Changes Name to Recology

Date: April 27, 2009

Source: Norcal Waste Systems

Norcal Waste Systems Redefines Waste Industry

Norcal Waste Systems is redefining the waste industry. For good. Toworrow, Norcal Waste Systems, the leader in resource recovery, will formally change its corporate name to Recology. It is not just a change of name. It is a call to action that changes everything with a new rallying cry—Waste Zero.

The name change is a bold step to re-define an industry that is vital to our future. It is a crucial call to action to use less of what we have and get more from what we use. We can't afford to keep throwing away our future. We don't have the resources and, thanks to global warming, we no longer have the time. And so during a time of unprecedented environmental awareness, a new name is born – Recology.

Recology, with clear roots in words like recycling, renewal, reuse and reduction, signals that the company will be leading the evolution of the industry—eliminating waste from the vocabulary of consumer and industry alike.

The name is rooted in the company's 89-year heritage as one of the nation's first urban recyclers. Originally, they came to San Francisco from Italy in the late 19th century and were known as the original scavengers for garbage collection. Today, the company has a unique record of success in driving resource recovery and composting services to unparalleled levels. Looking ahead, the company plans on continued outstanding service, continued expansion and opening the most advanced waste transfer, recycling and composting facility in the United States by 2015.

The company has not only changed its name, it has changed its corporate headquarters. The Recologists at Recology are now at home in a new Gold LEED-designed corporate office in downtown San Francisco. Environmentally, the new office space will achieve the highest performance certification practical in this building, saving major amounts of energy, water and money.

I will be contacting you to discuss the new name and what it means for you, the communities it serves and the planet we all share. If you have any questions I can be reached at (415) 227-9700.

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