Plant in Vaughan, Ont. Converts MSW to Energy Pellets

Date: February 10, 2009

Source: News Room

Dongara Pellet Plant, LP

Lakeside Energy with its partners Borealis Infrastructure, the infrastructure investment entity of Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS), one of Canada's largest pension plans with over Cdn$50 billion in assets, Toronto-based Strada Group and Marel Group and an affiliate of US based Nautilus Renewables LLC, own Dongara Pellet Plant LP (Dongara) a municipal solid waste solution company with its first facility in Toronto, Canada. The business of Dongara is to provide municipal solid waste (MSW) solutions to cities in North America. Dongara enters into long term contracts with municipalities to take their MSW and use it as a feedstock to manufacture a clean and renewable engineered fuel product. A patent has been issued in the U.S. and others are pending in Canada and Europe. Benefits of such a proprietary process include reduction in the need for landfills and landfill space, reduction of methane emissions from landfills (methane is a greenhouse gas with 21 times the potency of CO2), as well as reduced truck emissions due to the streamlining of waste pick up and ultimate waste drop off. The engineered fuel produced is designed and manufactured to be a competitive substitute for fossil fuels and traditional biomass. It has a heat content of 10,000 to 12,000 btu/lb, which is consistent with the heat content of typical steam coals, but has a significantly cleaner emission profile. The partnership currently has one 200,000 ton per year MSW facility in Canada that began operating July 2, 2008 and is currently ramping up to full capacity. The engineered fuel produced from this plant will be capable of making 80 -100 MW of renewable energy. Construction of additional facilities is anticipated in 2010 with long-term plans to build many more plants in North America.

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