Linn County, IA Seeks Court Order to Stop Shutdown of Landfill Gas System

Date: January 17, 2009

Source: News Room

A showdown has emerged between the Linn County, Iowa solid waste agency and the company that owns and operates a landfill gas system at the county's Cedar Rapids landfill. The agency is seeking a court order to prevent the operator EnviroGas of Chicago from shutting down its system which collects gas for sale to a local manufacturer and its parent company Interstate Power & Light. At issue is a request by EnviroGas for clarification of its ownership of the gas in order to assure its manufacturing client which needs to invest about $1 million to replace a flood-damaged boiler that burned landfill gas. In turn, the agency is seeking new language giving EnviroGas more responsibility for compliance with environmental regulations that have taken effect since the gas system was installed.

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