Rhode Island to Double Gas Output from Central Landfill

Date: December 1, 2008

Source: News Room

Ridgewood Renewable Power LLC wants to expand the two landfill gas-to-energy projects it operates at Rhode Island's Central landfill in Johnston. The company recently reached agreement with the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp., the quasi-governmental entity that owns the 5,000 ton-per-day landfill, in which it will invest $80 million to renovate and expand its power plants. The plan is to more than double its current power output from 20.5 megawatts to 48 megawatts by 2010, enough to power an estimated 36,000 homes. The company plans to replace its combustion system with a more efficient system that also utilizes exhaust heat from the turbine to create additional electrical power. The so-called Providence Project is the largest electric power plant fueled by landfill methane gas east of the Mississippi River.

To learn more, visit:

Ridgewood Renewable Power LLC: www.ridgewoodpower.com.

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp.: www.rirrc.org.

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