New Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Project for Brevard County, Fla.

Date: May 30, 2008

Source: News Room

Brevard County, Florida's Central Disposal Facility (Cocoa Landfill) last month began converting its gas to energy. The $11 million system employs six 1.6-megawatt Caterpillar engines to produce enough electricity (9.6 MW) to power more than 6,000 homes. Michigan-based Landfill Energy Systems funded the project which includes a 6,000-square-foot plant. In return for the rights to the gas, the county is to receive a cut of the estimated annual revenues of $400,000 over the 20-year contract. Landfill Energy Systems, meanwhile, earns federal tax credits for producing green energy.

To learn more, visit the Brevard County Solid Waste Management: Also see:

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