Plasco Energy Proposes to Build $125 Million Plasma Plant for Ottawa, Ont.

Date: June 4, 2008

Source: News Room

Plasco Energy Group has offered to build a $125 million waste-to-energy plant for the City of Ottawa, Ont. Under the proposed deal, Plasco would cover the cost of construction and in return, the city would enter a long-term contract to supply the plant with post-recycled waste paying Plasco about $8 million a year in fees. The city generates about 300 thousand tonnes of waste per year but with new recycling systems set to begin next year, hopes to divert as much as 60% of that stream. The Plasco plant would take the rest: about 400 tonnes of garbage per day, or about 136 thousand tonnes per year. With Ontario government approval, Plasco says the plant could be operational by 2010.

Plasco, which already operates a 100-tonne-per-day plasma demonstration plant for the city, develops similar projects in North America and Europe. The process employs plasma torches to segregated waste to generate a synthetic gas that can be burned cleanly to generate electricity. An inert slag is generated that can be used in road bed or for other uses.

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