GE Authors White Paper on Recycling and Reusing Water

Date: May 28, 2008

Source: GE Water & Process Technologies

GE Releases White Paper on Best Practices for Recycling and Reusing Water

GE Water & Process Technologies released today -- Addressing Water Scarcity Through Recycling and Reuse: A Menu for Policymakers -- a white paper outlining the policies and best practices currently being used to increase and implement successful water conservation programs in water scarce regions of the world.

"Policymakers are looking for ways to expand water recycling and reuse initiatives, but until now finding information on how best to do that was tough," said Jeff Garwood, president and CEO, GE Water & Process Technologies. "By providing a menu of policy tools ranging from less intensive mechanisms, like public outreach programs, to more proactive, regulatory approaches, our paper will help governments, communities and businesses effectively evaluate their options."

Addressing Water Scarcity Through Recycling and Reuse: A Menu for Policymakers is built around a variety of policies that are being used in different locations of the world, including efforts to:

  • Provide more information on and recognition of water recycling and reuse efforts

  • Reduce or remove regulatory or cost barriers that prevent more water reuse or recycling

  • Provide financial, regulatory or other incentives for water recycling and reuse

  • Require more water recycling and reuse

Examples of how these policies are being applied in communities around the world are included in the report, which can be downloaded at

Today, GE also announced its own commitment to reduce its own fresh water use by 20% by 2012. The new initiative is one of the world's most aggressive corporate water target to date and is expected to free up 7.4 million cubic meters (2 billion U.S. gallons) of fresh water a year - enough water to fill over 3,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. GE expects to implement water reuse technologies and/or process efficiencies at over 100 company facilities to meet the absolute water reduction target. GE is also using the same portfolio of water-saving solutions to help reduce municipal, industrial and agriculture customers' water footprints.

"Green technology offers a brighter future for our Blue Planet," said EPA Assistant Administrator for Water Benjamin H. Grumbles. "Ecomagination and others are growing green collar jobs and seizing on this changing climate of opportunity for water sustainability. EPA commends citizens, companies, and communities who are reducing water waste and increasing recycling because efficiency and reuse are the true blue wave of the future."

For more information on GE's water commitment please visit


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