Danish Waste-to-Energy Firm Babcock & Wilcox V°lund Wants to Enter US

Date: February 20, 2008

Source: Babcock & Wilcox V°lund

We are looking for companies who can develop, sell, and construct power plant projects.

At Babcock & Wilcox Vølund we have a long tradition working in partnerships with local companies. During the last 70 years, we have licensed our technologies and cooperated with many companies. We strive to serve our customers worldwide with renewable energy solutions.

Strong experience

With technologies based on research and development over many decades, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund has gained exceptional experience within energy conversion of waste and bio-fuels. This experience combined with multi-disciplinary know-how is one of our company's core strengths. Over the years, more than 500 production lines have been built, based on our technologies. And most of them are still in use.

Our technologies

Our technologies are renowned for environmentally safe operation with low emissions, as well as high energy efficiency and exceptionally safe and reliable plant operation. The company is supported by a strong research and development program and constantly seeks better, more efficient technologies within renewable energy.

Our companies currently employ over 10,000 people worldwide ľ approximately 400 are employed by Babcock & Wilcox Vølund. Our people are highly skilled and motivated, with focus on constant improvement of our core technologies and our technical solutions.

Join force in a cooperation scheme

You can join forces with our company as partner to serve your local market. We are looking for companies who can develop, sell, and construct power plant projects.

If you lack the know-how and technologies for multi-fuel power plants, we can serve as your company's technology partner.

We can join force in a cooperation scheme, depending on the country and application, such as:

  • Technology Licensing

  • Technical Cooperation Agreement

  • Project Cooperation Agreement

  • Sales Representation Agreement

For more information, please contact:

Peter Laursen
License & Partner Manager
Tel.: +45 2462 4729

For more information, visit: www.volund.dk.

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