SCS Engineers to Help Dalton-Whitfield Landfill Sell Gas to Dow Chemical

Date: October 23, 2007

Source: SCS Engineers

Dalton-Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority and SCS Field Services Recover Landfill Gas as a Renewable Energy Source

Dalton, GA The Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority (DWRSWMA) and Dow Chemical located in Dalton, GA, have agreed to develop an environmentally beneficial project which protects the environment and capitalizes on an otherwise wasted resource the use of landfill gas as an energy source.

DWRSWMA awarded SCS Field Services, a division of SCS Engineers, a contract to construct the landfill gas collection system and two mile pipeline to the Dow facility.

Landfill gas, which is created by the decomposing waste in the DWRSWMA landfill, is both an asset and a liability. Landfill gas is an energy source which can be utilized to offset fossil fuel. "We realized we could derive a benefit from the landfill gas instead of just flaring it and are very pleased that Dow can use it at their facility. Utilizing the landfill gas as a renewable energy source benefits our community," according to Norman Barashick, Executive Director of the DWRSWMA.

Dow's Dalton site is located approximately ten miles south of Dalton, Georgia, in the center of the carpet industry for North America. Dow's Dalton facility manufactures latex for carpet backing applications. "Given the growing importance of developing sustainable products within Dow and the carpet industry, this is a significant and exciting project for both Dow and our customers," said Todd Crook, Global Marketing Manager, Dow Latex.

Landfill gas is a greenhouse gas which typically is composed of 45 to 50 percent carbon dioxide (CO2) and 50 to 55 percent methane (CH4). Methane is 21 to 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide. By collecting the landfill gas, this project significantly reduces the landfill gas emitted from the landfill gas, and offsets carbon dioxide emissions by avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

About the Dalton Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority

The Dalton/Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority was established in January 1995 for non-profit and public purposes to benefit the citizens of Dalton and Whitfield County. The Authority provides four convenience centers throughout the county and one municipal solid waste landfill. The Authority also established the first and only permanent publicly owned Household Hazardous Waste Facility in the State of Georgia in 1999. The Authority completed the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility and began its operation on January 2, 2002.

About Dow

Dow is a diversified chemical company that harnesses the power of innovation, science and technology to constantly improve what is essential to human progress. The Company offers a broad range of products and services to customers in more than 175 countries, helping them to provide everything from fresh water, food and pharmaceuticals to paints, packaging and personal care products. Built on a commitment to its principles of sustainability, Dow has annual sales of $49 billion and employs 43,000 people worldwide. References to "Dow" or the "Company" mean The Dow Chemical Company and its consolidated subsidiaries unless otherwise expressly noted. More information about Dow can be found at

About SCS Field Services and SCS Engineers

SCS Field Services is a division of SCS Engineers. Since 1970, SCS has delivered economically and environmentally sound solutions for solid waste management and site remediation projects throughout the world. The award-winning firm provides engineering, construction, and long-term operations and maintenance to private and public sector clients through a network of over 40 offices in 20 states. SCS's clients have entrusted the care of over 13,000 landfill gas wells to its SCS Field Services group. Using standard assumptions, this is the equivalent of 21 million metric tons per year of carbon dioxide. If someone asks you if SCS is helping to address the subject of global climate change, you can emphatically say, "Yes."

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