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Company Proposes to Build Plasma Plant in New Orleans

Date: October 14, 2007

Source: News Room


October, 2006

Sun Energy Group is a renewable energy company formed by D'Juan Hernandez, a former executive of NRG Energy, Inc., the nation's leading Independent Power Producer, and Jordan Oxley, a former Investment Banker with Strategy Energy, Inc., a Canadian Investment Banking firm, specializing in energy debt and equity placements.

The group was formed in 2006 after the founders spent a year investigating the renewables market and the various opportunities available in the industry.

The company's commitment to green energy development is rooted in the company's commitment to green energy development is rooted in the founders desire to expand the world's use of recyclable resources for energy purposes. Sun Energy is the only minority owned power company in the United States focused on renewable resources as a basis for energy development We seek unique resources as a basis for energy development. We seek unique partnerships with communities to provide environmentally friendly and economically advantageous solutions to their waste disposal and power needs.

Build and operate a waste- to- energy plant utilizing plasma gasification in the Metro New Orleans area, the "Louisiana Gasification Facility."

Location: Metro New Orleans Region, Louisiana (Specific Sites Under Review) Under Review)

  • System: Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
    * Net Capacity: 138 Megawatts (MW)
    * Annual Output: 1.1 Million Megawatt Hours (MWh)
    * Feedstock Input: 2500 Tons per Day; 821,000 Tons per Year

Drawn from highly- experienced industry leaders.

  • Lead Proponents: Sun Energy Group, LLC
    * EPC Contractor: The Shaw Group (t b c ) EPC Contractor The Shaw Group (t. b. c.)
    * O&M Contractor: NRG Energy, Inc. (t. b. c.)
    * Turbine Manufacturer: General Electric (t. b. c.)
    * Gasification System: Candidates identified for competitive bid
    * Technology Advisors: Georgia Tech Research Institute (Georgia Tech) and (LSU) enter for Energy Studies (LSU)

The Shaw Group was commissioned in 2005 to determine the feasibility of this
gasification project. Shaw reviewed the technology, available feedstock, and
existing generation assets in its determination that this project is viable.

  • Total Cost: $441 Million (incl. financing costs)
    * Break Ground: December 2007
    * COD: December 2008 (Gasification Facility)

Metro New Orleans was selected as an ideal location for the LGF project for the reasons shown below:
* Access to long-term waste streams from urban centers
* Available refuse from the post-Katrina clean-up
* Community resistance to landfills and other alternatives
* Site availability in strategic locations with unique logistics capabilities
* Site availability in strategic locations with unique logistics capabilities
* Increasing electricity demand and power prices
* Power generating assets requiring replacement or upgrade
* Motivated government and industry decision-makers

To read more:'Juan%20Hernandez%20SG.pdf

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