Michigan to Turn Canadian Trash into Energy

Date: August 28, 2007

Source: News Room

The governor of Michigan, back from a visit to Sweden and Germany, announced plans to explore energy from waste among other alternative fuels. Gov. Jennifer Granholm said the state will host a Michigan-Sweden alternative energy summit in early 2008 to encourage more investment and jobs, saying that Sweden can provide examples for Michigan on how to capture energy from its forest products, wind power, waterways and landfills in the years ahead. "Something that has been a terrible negative for Michigan certainly has the potential of being something we can convert to energy and a positive for our state," she said during a news conference. Michigan receives nearly 4 million tons of Canadian trash annually - about 350 truckloads a day - along with trash from other states, although some shipments from Canada are supposed to be phased out starting next year.

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