Wind Farm Proposed for Former Fresh Kills Landfill

Date: August 20, 2007

Source: Staten Island Borough President's Office

B.P. Molinaro: New York City's first wind farm is feasible at Fresh Kills Landfill

400-foot-high windmills would make Island renewable energy capital of NYC

New York City's first wind farm may soon be established at Fresh Kills, Borough President James P. Molinaro announced today, citing a year-long feasibility study that concluded wind patterns at the former landfill are sufficient to power seven wind turbines.

"Since I first took office, I have been advocating the use of wind power at Fresh Kills for clean, low-cost energy," said Molinaro. "Wind power is an inexpensive and reliable alternative energy source, and a perfect fit for Mayor Bloomberg's "Plan NYC" for a greener New York, as well as a domestic energy alternative for expensive foreign oil."

In 2005, Molinaro supported BQ Energy, a wind energy company in upstate Patterson, in its application for a grant from the New York State Energy Research Development Agency (NYSERDA) to develop a Fresh Kills renewable energy proposal for wind power. In April 2006, BQ Energy erected a meteorological tower to measure the wind on the landfill to determine the feasibility of installing wind turbines to generate electric power.

After a 14-month study, BQ Energy released a report to NYSERDA last week stating that wind patterns at Fresh Kills are sufficient to proceed with its wind energy facility. Seven 400-foot wind turbines would be placed on top of each landfill mound to generate electricity to power the planned park on the site, as well as be sold into the local grid. The windmills could produce enough total power for about 5,000 homes.

Before the Fresh Kills Wind Project can move forward, it is subject to review by several government agencies, including the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Our partnership with NYSERDA to establish a wind energy facility at the Fresh Kills landfill will tackle tomorrow's energy challenges today, right here in Staten Island," said Molinaro. "Staten Island is always in the forefront of new innovations. Our downzoning efforts and traffic improvements are being copied in the other boroughs. And now we have an opportunity to make Staten Island the clean, renewable energy capital of New York City."

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