Ohio EPA Sends Terse Letter to Republic's Countywide Landfill

Date: August 16, 2007

Source: Ohio EPA

Ohio EPA
Lazarus Government Center
50 W. Town St., Suite 700
Columbus, Ohio 43215

August 14, 2007

Todd Hamilton and Tim Vandersall
Countywide Recycling & Disposal Facility
3619 Gracemont Street S.W.
East Sparta, Ohio 44626


Dear Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Vandersall:

It has come to my attention that Countywide Recycling and Disposal Facility (Countywide) intends to begin capping portions of the 88 acres of the landfill which includes cells 1 through 7. I wish to convey Ohio EPA's position on Countywide's intent to engage in these activities. The described activities constitute a remedial option pursuant to the March 28, 2007 Director's Final Findings and Orders. As required by these Orders, the Director, in his sole discretion, will select a remedial option or options based on Countywide's Fire Suppression Plan and other information available to him. The Director continues to evaluate the data submitted under these Orders and the advice of our experts and has not yet selected a remedial action, nor has he approved Countywide's remedies contemplated under the Fire Suppression Plan. Therefore, Countywide's implementation of a remedy upon any portion of the 88 acres without the Director's express written consent is premature and will constitute violation of the Orders as well as ORC Section 3734.11(A). Additionally, we fear such activity may exacerbate conditions at Countywide.

Furthermore, it has also come to my attention that Countywide intends to place additional temporary cap on portions of the 88 acres. Prior to placement of any additional cap, I request Countywide provide notice to me or Pam Allen no less than 7 days in advance of the proposed activities. Premature placement of the cap may result in its removal for inspection/investigation of the conditions that exist beneath the temporary cap, an exercise that would be of great frustration to all parties.


Ed Gortner, DSIWM Enforcement Coordinator
Ohio EPA-Central Office



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