Waste Management of Alameda County in Showdown with Union

Date: July 17, 2007

Source: News Room

Waste Management of Alameda County, CA is in a showdown with its workers represented by the Teamsters Local 70 which represents some 481 workers. The company recently locked out these employees for their unwillingness to negotiate two issues: tougher workplace safety policies and a proposed "no strike, no lockout" clause in its new contract. That clause disturbs the Local 70 which sees it as an attempt to eliminate its right to honor picket lines. To WM however the clause would still allow workers to honor locally sanctioned picket lines but would prevent collusion with other unions. The union is not fond of the new proposed safety policies either. It sees this as a thinly veiled guise for firing employees at will. Company officials however have been trying to address workplace dangers having faced ever increasing insurance expenses.

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