C&D Wastes Account for a Third of Landfill Volume in North Carolina

Date: July 10, 2007

Source: News Room

According to North Carolina state officials, construction and demolition (C&D) wastes account for a third of all wastes disposed in the state last year. While the materials could be reused, most often the wood, metal and other items are simply crushed and hauled to landfills. Relatively cheap landfill disposal rates remove the economic incentive to recycle. Lately however, rates have been rising and so too the incentive. Moreover, Legislation being considered at the General Assembly would require more stringent regulations at C&D landfills, including higher fees and enhanced recycling programs. The stakes are huge as North Carolina's situation is similar to the rest of the US. According to Waste Business Journal statistics, of the 170 million tons generated annually in the US, only 26% is recycled, leaving 123 million tons destined for sanitary and C&D landfills.

Summary of Construction & Demolition Waste Generation, Recovery and Disposal in the US in 2006

C&D Generation: 167 million
Recovery: 43 million (26%)
Post-Recovery: 123 million
MSW Landfilled: 61 million
C&D Landfilled: 60 million
Burned in W-T-E: 3 million

Source: Waste Business Journal

North Carolina Solid Waste Management Annual Report 2006: www.wastenotnc.org/swhome/AR05-06.pdf

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