Wisconsin Waste Imports Decline Last Year; Higher Fuel and Recyclables Prices

Date: July 1, 2007

Source: News Room

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released a report that documents a decline in waste imports to the state last year. According to the report, other states especially Illinois and Minnesota, sent 1.9 million tons of waste to Wisconsin landfills. This was down by 229 thousand tons from 2.1 million tons last year and 2.2 million tons in 2004.

According to Suzanne Bangert, director of the DNR's Bureau of Waste Management, which compiles the figures, the decline is likely the result of higher transportation costs from higher fuel prices. She also noted that higher prices being paid for recycled materials was probably keeping these materials from being landfilled.

However, Wisconsin's lower tipping fees relative to neighboring states continues to attract waste there. State legislators are considering raising state fees on waste from $3 to as much as $10 to further discourage waste imports.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: dnr.wi.gov/.
Annual Report: dnr.wi.gov/org/aw/wm/publications/anewpub/wa1129.pdf.

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