Ohio EPA Extends Moratorium on New Haz Waste Incinerators

Date: May 11, 2007

Source: Ohio EPA

Ohio EPA Continues Moratorium on New Commercial Hazardous Waste Incinerators

Ohio EPA announced today that it will continue a 14-year moratorium on new commercial hazardous waste incinerators for another three years, citing in part, the successful efforts of companies to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous waste they generate.

"We're able to extend the moratorium because the capacity far exceeds the demand, thanks in part to more than a decade of efforts to minimize hazardous waste generation," said Ohio EPA Director Chris Korleski.

Ohio EPA performs a statewide capacity assessment for commercial hazardous waste incineration every three years to determine whether or not a moratorium on new commercial incineration facilities needs to continue. The latest study, done in 2006, shows Ohio's two commercial hazardous waste incinerators are permitted to treat 135,993 tons of hazardous waste annually. However, the current demand is 97,898 tons.

Remaining factors that were taken into consideration in this review included:

  • effects on outdoor air quality;
    * the monetary and time commitments required to construct a new commercial hazardous waste incinerator, including long-term capital investments;
    * waste reduction efforts being made by hazardous waste generators that send material to commercial hazardous waste incinerators;
    * effectiveness demonstrated by operational records of current facilities;
    * evaluation of data related to exposure, risk and the likeliness of an accident at existing commercial incineration facilities;
    * a community's capability to respond to hazardous waste releases likely to occur at a commercial hazardous waste incinerator; and
    * regulatory and legislative concerns.

In 1993, the General Assembly passed a law prohibiting Ohio EPA from issuing permits for new commercial hazardous waste incinerators for three years. It also required the director to publish an assessment of commercial hazardous waste incinerator capacity every three years, to assist in determining the need to allow new permits. This law only applies to new commercial hazardous waste incinerator permits, and does not affect solid waste landfill or construction and demolition debris landfill facilities.

Two commercial hazardous waste incinerators are currently permitted in Ohio: Von Roll America, Inc. in East Liverpool (Columbiana County) and Ross Incineration Services, Inc. in Grafton (Lorain County).

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