Converted Organics Converts Units into Stock and Warrants

Date: March 16, 2007

Source: Converted Organics Inc.

Converted Organics Inc.'s Units Have Separated Common Stock and Warrants Traded Separately

Converted Organics Inc. (NASDAQ: COIN, COINU, COINW, COINZ) today announced that the Units issued in connection with its initial public offering have been separated into common stock and warrants. The stock and each warrant traded individually for the first time today on the NASDAQ under the symbols: COIN for the common stock, COINW for the Class A warrants and COINZ for the Class B warrants. The Units have ceased to trade.

The Units had traded under the symbol COINU since the Company completed its initial public offering. Each Unit was comprised of one share of common stock, one Class A warrant and one Class B warrant. For more information on the Company's Units, common stock and warrants please refer to the Company's prospectus dated February 13, 2007, which can be obtained on the Securities and Exchange Commission website at

About Converted Organics Inc.

Converted Organics (NASDAQ: COINU), based in Boston, MA, is a development stage company dedicated to producing a valuable all-natural, organic soil amendment or fertilizer product through food waste recycling. The company uses proven, state-of-the-art technologies to create a product that helps grow healthier food and improve environmental quality. As a perpetual urban landfill, the company derives revenue from two sources: the receipt of organic waste and the sale of its soil amendment products. Converted Organics plans to sell and distribute its environmentally-friendly fertilizer or biostimulant in the agribusiness, turf management and retail markets.

Converted Organics biostimulants will be produced in both a dry pellet and liquid concentrate. Converted Organics products have been tested in numerous field trials for more than a dozen crops with the result that the net value of the farmer's crop increased on average 11-16% depending on the particular crop and product application. This is due in part to the disease suppression characteristics of the product which reduce or eliminate the need for other, costly, often toxic, crop protection applications. Increased use of nitrogen in commercial agriculture and turf grass applications such as golf courses has reduced the soil's ability to absorb nitrogen and other nutrients. Using the products produced by Converted Organics helps restore the soil by replenishing these micronutrients. This reduces the amount of nitrogen required in a virtuous cycle that benefits from long-term use. As a result, use of the product will reduce chemical run-off to streams, ponds and rivers, an objective withsignificant long-term benefits to the environment.

The products have a long shelf life compared to many other organic fertilizers. In a number of lab and field trials, the liquid product has been shown to be effective in mitigating powdery mildew, a leaf fungus that affects most plants and grasses and restricts the flow of water and nutrients to the plant. The company's biostimulants can be used on a standalone basis or in combination with more traditional fertilizers and crop protection products. Converted Organics expects to benefit from increased regulatory focus on organic waste processing and on environmentally-friendly growing practices.

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