EPA Will Reconsider Standards for MSW Combusters

Date: March 20, 2007

Source: U.S. EPA

The EPA received petitions to reconsider its "Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources and Emission Guidelines for Existing Sources: Large Municipal Waste Combustors." Its final rule was published on May 10, 2006. In response, the EPA will hear arguments on three aspects of the rule: operator stand-in provisions, data requirements for continuous monitors, and the status of operating parameters during the 2 weeks prior to mercury and dioxin/furan testing.

Comments must be received on or before April 19, 2007. Because of the need to resolve the issues raised in this action in a timely manner, EPA will not grant requests for extensions beyond this date. If, however, a public hearing is held, the comment period will remain open until May 4, 2007.

To learn more, examine: www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/129/mwc/fr20mr07.pdf.

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