World Waste Tech. To Patent Production of Alcohol, Ethanol From MSW

Date: March 6, 2007

Source: World Waste Technologies, Inc.

World Waste Technologies Applies For Patent Covering The Production Of Alcohol, Including Ethanol, Through Gas Process

World Waste Technologies, Inc. recently announced it has filed a provisional patent covering an energy self sufficient process for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) into the production of mixed alcohols (including ethanol) through a synthetic gas and catalyst process. The process also includes the co-generation of renewable electricity from a producer gas as well as a process for efficiently separating the resulting mixed alcohols from hydrocarbons and other liquids.

Separately, the Company announced the formation of a Technical Advisory Board to assist it in advancing its business of creating usable commodity products including ethanol and co-generated renewable electricity from municipal solid waste. William A. Farone, Ph.D. and Lee Torrens, along with World Waste Director David Gutacker, have agreed to serve on this advisory board.

Dr. Farone is focused on assisting World Waste in identifying chemically and economically preferred methodologies for producing ethanol and other renewable energy products from municipal solid waste. Dr. Farone is the President and CEO of Applied Power Concepts, Inc., a company that provides technology development and analysis services and has expertise in chemical and biochemical process development and optimization, particularly in the areas of alternative energy, biotechnology for energy crops, and alternate liquid fuels (ethanol, methanol). Formerly Dr. Farone was Director of Applied Research for Philip Morris, Inc., and also served as Director of Scientific Research at Lever Brothers Company. He has numerous patents and technical publications, a B.S. and Masters degree in Chemistry, and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry.

Lee Torrens is focused on assisting World Waste in the scale-up and development of facilities that produce ethanol and other energy products from municipal solid waste. Mr. Torrens has an extensive background in developing renewable energy facilities, independent power production facilities, cogeneration facilities, waste to energy facilities, and medical waste facilities. Formerly, Mr. Torrens served as Executive Vice President of Ogden Martin Systems where he was responsible for all project development activities at a time when that company developed eight major projects worth over $840 million. In addition, Mr. Torrens is currently a Director and Principal of JM Dutton & Associates, an independent equity research company. Mr. Torrens has a B.S. and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering.

"The skills and background of both Bill Farone and Lee Torrens are strong assets for World Waste as we continue our efforts to develop projects and technologies for the transformation of municipal solid waste (MSW) into beneficial products, including fuel grade ethanol, co-generated renewable energy, and paper pulp," said CEO John Pimentel. "We have already benefited from their efforts through their help in our provisional patent application for a new method of creating fuel alcohols including ethanol from MSW through a synthetic gas intermediary step, and our work with various gasification processes."

"By utilizing our Anaheim Plant and the Applied Power Concepts labs in Anaheim as our learning centers, we believe that we have gained valuable experience in understanding how to commercialize the process of transforming residual and commercial MSW into beneficial products and energy," said Pimentel.

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