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EPA Rules Out Wood Preservative ACC for Residential Use

Date: January 8, 2007

Source: U.S. EPA

Maintaining the highest standards in the world for pesticide safety, EPA is taking legal action to deny the registration for acid copper chromate, commonly known as ACC, for residential use.

"The U.S. continues to set the gold standard for pesticide safety," said EPA Assistant Administrator Jim Gulliford. "Today's decision protects American families, workers and the environment."

EPA's scientific review process concluded that the risks associated with residential uses of ACC outweigh the minimal benefits. The proposed residential uses of ACC would pose a cancer risk to treatment and manufacturing workers, as well as non-cancer risks to homeowners, children and contractors.

In addition, disposal of the ACC-treated wood could require that it be handled and disposed of as a hazardous waste since the wood may contain high levels of chromium. ACC contains hexavalent chromium, a known human carcinogen when inhaled and a dermal irritant and sensitizer.

Under the federal pesticide law, EPA is following the administrative process to finalize this decision.

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