NSWMA Publishes White Paper on Bird Flu to Help Industry Prepare for Possible Outbreak

Date: October 23, 2006

Source: NSWMA

National Solid Wastes Management Association Issues White Paper on Avian Influenza

The National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) today announced that its new white paper, "Avian Influenza: The Hunt and Peck for Answers," is now available.

"The paper was prepared to provide information about avian influenza for purposes of waste management, including some basic information about the disease, what scientists know about how it spreads, and currently available waste management options," said Bruce Parker, President and CEO, NSWMA. "NSWMA plays a key role in keeping the waste industry and others informed about current issues, even if they have not yet impacted daily operations."

"There is a lot of talk and written material about avian influenza, but experts are just beginning to focus on management of carcasses and other contaminated materials such as feces and bedding," said Ed Repa, Director, Environmental Programs, NSWMA, and the author of the paper.

The white paper explains that there are a number of influenza viruses, but the one the World Health Organization is most concerned about is H5N1, which has already spread in birds to 48 countries. The spread of the disease from person-to-person has been limited.

If an outbreak should occur impacting poultry farmers, millions of carcasses may need to be disposed of. Current options that waste management companies may have access to include fixed incinerators, mobile air curtain incinerators, waste-to-energy facilities, and municipal solid waste landfills. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these options are explained in the paper. The paper does not take a position on any one technology nor does it discuss experimental technologies or technologies that currently are in limited commercial use.

A copy of the paper is attached as a pdf document: www.wasteinfo.com/news/avian%20flu%20short%20version.pdf. If you can't access the file, please contact the NSWMA Public Affairs Department at 800-424-2869 or alicej@envasns.org.

Ed Repa

National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA): www.nswma.org.

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