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Halton Considers Waste-to-Energy Solution That Could Help Toronto

Date: August 24, 2006

Source: News Room

Officials for the Halton Region in Ontario west of Toronto are considering plans to construct a waste-to-energy plant that could handle as much as 70 percent of the waste disposal needs of the Greater Toronto Area. The officials are studying various plans that range in cost and capability, from $250 million to suit local needs through 2050 to $700 million that could accommodate waste from surrounding areas. Any such plant would most likely sit atop Halton's existing landfill in Milton. A large facility would help Toronto to solve its impending waste crisis since it lacks local disposal capacity and currently has to send 100 trucks per day to Michigan landfills. That results in close to a million tons per year. Haulers are pressing to renegotiate contracts amid rising fuel costs and border security slowdowns. Meanwhile, legislators in Michigan continue to press Washington for relief from Canadian waste imports.

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