R. W. Beck to Lead Bioreactor Landfill Update for Denton, Texas

Date: May 24, 2006

Source: PR Newswire

The City of Denton, Texas, hired management consulting and engineering firm R. W. Beck, Inc. to help extend the operating life of its landfill by decreasing its overall volume -- using an anaerobic bioreactor cell.

Ultimately, the project will optimize air space, enhance landfill gas generation and reduce long-term health and environmental risks.

According to the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), an anaerobic bioreactor cell or bioreactor landfill, unlike a regular landfill, is a landfill cell that injects liquid and sometimes air into the waste mass in order to accelerate or enhance biostabilization of the waste.

Robert Craggs, Vice President of R. W. Beck's Solid Waste Practice, says, "This type of technology is a win-win for all. By updating the anaerobic bioreactor cell, the benefits extend beyond the landfill itself into the community by reducing environmental risks, among other crucial benefits."

He adds, "The City of Denton has stepped up as trailblazers to employ this type of technology in its landfill and, by doing so, could become a model for other communities in the future."

R. W. Beck is providing Denton with professional services in the areas of municipal solid waste permitting, planning, engineering design and construction management throughout the course of this multi-phase project.

More information: www.rwbeck.com.

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